• Introduction

    Why was Nepal Wireless Networking Project started?

    Nepal Wireless Networking Project is a not-for-profit making initiative running in the remote  rural areas of Nepal.  It was started in 2002 to bring communication services in some vilages of Myagdi district and to find ways to bridge digital divide between urban and rural areas of Nepal. It is inspired by social cause for the socio economic transformation of rural areas of Nepal. It is trying to find ways to optimize the use of information and communication technologies for the benefit of people living far from the cities. Now it is focusing on e-education, and e-health in the rural area. It is also using its resources to increase digital literacy among the rural people. It is now working formally under a name Nepal Wireless to contunue its efforts to bring the benefits of the information and communiication technologies in the disadvantage group of people living in rural Nepal.

    Current Works:  

    After the April 25, 2015 earthquake hit in Nepal, Nepal Wireless is working to build wireless infrastructures in the districts hit very hard by the earthquake. Right now it is working in Gorakha, Sindhupalchok and Lamjung districts to connect the rural schools, and rural clinics. It is also building hot spots in the vilages to provide Internet for the villagers. It is also building a hybrid wireless network using TV White Space technology in remote villages for the first time in Nepal.

    Neoal Wireless is also working  with dstrict. government and local government to connect all the villages of Myagdi district and make the district as the first district in Nepal as Free WiFi district in Nepal. The project will be completed by the end of 2016.

    If you would like to contribute online for the project, please click on the donate button above that will take you to the page of a not for profit organization called Himanchal Educational Foundation. Click again on the "Donate" button on that page and read the instruction. Your  online contribution comes to Nepal Wireless Networking Project through Himanchal Educational Foundation based in Nebraska USA. This foundation was founded in 2000 by the friends and professors of Mahabir Pun in the US solely to support the community development and wreless networking activities initiated by Mahabir Pun in Nepal. Kearney Area Community Foundation is helping to manage online contribution for Himanchal Educational Foundation.

    If you have any question, you can write email directly to Mahabir Pun at mahabir@himanchal.org

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    Mahabir Pun

    Mahabir Pun first dreamed of connecting his village of Nangi to the internet in 1997, and has been working ever since to bring the internet to rural Nepal.
    Mahabir was born in Nangi, and completed his primary education there. After working as a teacher for several years, he completed a master's degree in education at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

    Latest updates

    Permission Received to Use Some VHF and TVWS Band for Rural Broadband : 2016-05-06

    Nepal Wireless got permission from Nepal Telecommunication Authority to use 192.5 MHz to 202.5 MHz (10 MHz) in VHF band and 560 MHz to 578 MHz (18 MHz) in TVWS band for bringing broadband Internet services.
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    Pilot Project for Rural Broadband Using TV White Space Technology Being Implemented in 2016 : 2016-03-10

    Nepal Wireless is implementing pilot project for the deployment of a community based hybrid wireless network using TV White Space and Wi-Fi spectrum in remote valleys around Manaslu Himalaya and Dhaulagiri Himalaya region in 2016. Project is being funded by ISIF Asia and Asia Pacific Telecommunity
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    Wireless 4 Communication Project Supported by Internet Society Completed : 2016-02-04

    Internet Society contributed US$100,000 in December 2015 to buy equipment and build wireless network in some parts of Gorakha, Lamjung and Sindhupalchok districs. The wireless network is up and running now.
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